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  • Winter Queen

  • Ice Field

  • Air Is Us

  • Immersive Sounds (Part 3)

  • Wood in the Fog (Part 2)

  • Winter Queen



Genres: Ambient,New Age,Downtempo
Location: Moscow

EugeneKha – Moscow electronic project of musician and writer Evgeny (Evgenij) V. Kharitonov. Stylistic boundaries of this music is diverse and integrates different preferences of the musician - dreamy synth electronica with Sci-Fi themes and elements of space rock; atmospheric space ambient and drone, ethnic dark ambient... Meet in the music EugeneKha influence of Trance-culture and improvisational avant-garde. Ambient Fusion – the name for music of EugeneKha.

EugeneKha is the author of soundtracks for the movies "Labyrinth of ghosts" (Germany, 1998) and "Larry" (Russia, 2010). EugeneKha is actively touring and performing on the club and festival venues.

The only participant of the project Evgeny Kharitonov (b. 1969). His musical journey he began in 1985 as part of the first Moscow Disko-theatre "Columb", In 1980-1990-ies he played the guitar, sang and was a songwriter in a rock bands called "The WE", "Russian storytellers", "Temple of dreams", "Fuck Kharitonov Orchestra", "Helter Skelter", etc. Since the beginning of 2000th he works in the various genres of electronic music and musical-literary avant-garde. In 2001-2010 has Been very active in lowbitrate culture (mainly under the pseudonym Microbit Project). Some critics call him the "godfather of the Russian lowbit". Released albums in different styles and under different names (Yoko Absorbing, Spacebirds, Nameless Dancers, Microbit Project). The Creator of the label for ambient music 45 Echoes Sounds. The curator of the avant-garde festival "Lapa Azora", festival of improvised music Green Travel Fest, ambient concerts "Music for dreams", festival "Our space", etc.

Collaboration: Alexei Borisov (Nochnoi Prospekt), Alexander Yakovlev (BIO / Biokonstruktor), Olga Voskonian, Vera Sazhina, Sergei Boroff Vysokosov, Herman "Gerasim" Olshuk, Mikhail Lezin, Green Ice Cream, West Remi (Ukraine), Jack Hertz (USA), Mystified (USA), Scott Lawlor (USA), etc.

In real life - the poet-experimentalist, head of the literary projects of Russian state library for young adults, author of numerous books of poetry, critical studies on the history of science fiction.

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