ONErpm is a YouTube Certified Company specializing in Audience Growth & Rights Management. We make sure you get paid when your content is used by third parties.

Snapshot of ONErpm's Network


Premium Channels


Network Subscribers

2+ Billion

Views Monthly

Tens of Millions

Paid to Creators

Work directly with ONErpm's Certified YouTube Experts to grow your audience and boost your income.

Maximize Your Earnings

We work around the clock to make sure your channel and videos are optimized to the fullest, earning you premium ad revenue.

Content ID

Content ID is YouTube’s proprietary technology that scans its database and locates unauthorized use of your audio and visual content. ONErpm places claims on these videos and the proceeds are then collected on your behalf.

Grow Your Audience

Our team of experts will help with your YouTube strategy in order to expand your audience, gain subscribers, and increase views and fan engagement.


Your data is always available. Access all of your YouTube video analytics in real time to discover what keeps your fans coming back.


ONErpm works across multiple entertainment verticals, whether it be music, sports, film, television, etc. In addition, our in-house production team is available to create exciting, engaging original content.

Brand Campaigns

ONErpm connects artists with brands and brands with artists, creating joint marketing opportunities to achieve greater visibility for each party.

ONErpm Studios

ONErpm Studios is a full-service video facility for all studio and on-location production needs. Use of the studio is free for members of ONErpm’s Network.

Rights Management

ONErpm protects your videos and music from being used by third parties. Either block the unauthorized use of your content, or ONErpm can monetize those videos on your behalf via Content ID

How Content ID Works

Upload your music to ONErpm

ONErpm delivers your music to YouTube

YouTube scans and claims videos using your music

Get Paid!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 ways to earn meaningful income on YouTube:

1. Earn money from advertisements that run within and alongside videos on your own channel. When you join ONErpm’s Premium YouTube Network, we optimize your channel so that premium banner and pre-roll / mid-roll / post-roll advertisements are displayed within your videos and throughout your channel. These ads have a higher CPM (cost per thousand views) so that you earn more money from your channel. ONErpm pays you 70% of the money it collects.

2. Earn money through Content ID. This is YouTube’s state-of-the-art technology that identifies your audio and video content that has been used partially or entirely by other YouTube users. Once these videos are identified, a claim is created and you start to collect advertising dollars from each play. In terms of music, ONErpm delivers your tracks directly to YouTube, where it is “fingerprinted” and a reference file is created in order to find other videos on YouTube using your music. ONErpm can also enable video matching once you join our Premium Multi-Channel Network (MCN). ONErpm pays you 70% of the money it collects.

Reports are processed monthly and you can withdraw funds any time using PayPal.

Yes. ONErpm does not own any of your copyrights whatsoever.

Teaming up with ONErpm is the best and easiest solution to start making real money on YouTube. In addition to earning more revenue on videos that are on your own channel, you will also collect money from any other video on YouTube that uses your content. ONErpm’s benefits include:

1. Earnings Optimization: We'll ensure your channel is fully optimized for monetization.

2. Content ID: We identify any video using your audio or visual content and monetize it.

3. Flexibility: Participate in our MCN or our Audio Content ID program, or both!

4. 100% Transparency: Maintain full access to your YouTube analytics (other companies hide this from you).

5. Flexible Territory Policies: Select specific territories you have rights within.

6. Technical Support: Dedicated account support from both ONErpm and YouTube.

7. Promotional Support: Marketing support and resources to help grow your channel and increase revenues.

8. Content Creation: Work with our production team to create unique content for your channel.