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We strive to create the most innovative tools, offer the best services, forge the most promising partnerships, all in an effort to make music distribution really easy for artists and labels while maintaining 100% control over the process.

You can choose your pricing, give music away for free, select which stores and territories for your music distribution, and sell your music online directly to your fans on Facebook, your own website, and on ONErpm. lt’s up to you.

Digital Distribution

A global music distribution network.

We’re an iTunes
Preferred Partner

As one of iTunes’ select preferred partners in the world, ONErpm ensures quick deliveries and more feature opportunities.

Flexibility. Select your stores. Select your territories.

If you already have a record deal or music distribution in one territory, you can simply select the territories and stores that are still available to you.

Distribute your music
for free

And keep up to 85% of your royalties. Choose the plan that works best for you.

Marketing Support - Sell more music

Every week we promote artists and pitch stores to prominently place new releases. We consider a variety of factors when promoting an album, including editorial preferences, sales performance, recent media coverage, and fan engagement data.

Detailed Analytics and Monthly Reporting

Understand your sales and identify trends to optimize your release strategy. Royalty reports are updated monthly and you can withdraw funds anytime.

Free UPC and ISRC codes

We give you a UPC code (barcode) for your album and ISRC codes for your tracks if you need them when you distribute your music to iTunes and other stores.

Pre-orders and
Instant Gratification

Promote your pre-orders on iTunes and select up to 3 tracks for instant download.

Daily performance reports from most stores

Check your daily sales from your dashboard

Video Monetization
and Channel Management

Make the most out of your YouTube strategy

Sell your music on Facebook

Convert more fans into customers with the following features:

  • Install unlimited number of stores, each configured the way you want
  • Enable viral sharing via Facebook, Twitter, widgets, user comments, and more
  • Go Global, sell in multiple currencies and languages
  • Grow your email list in exchange for free downloads

To learn how to sell your music on Facebook, check out our tutorial.

Direct to fan on ONErpm.com

Go direct-to-fan on ONErpm and Facebook. Sell your music online on your website, blog, or anywhere else on the web with our widgets.

We’re global. We support multiple currencies and languages.

Reach more fans worldwide through music distribution. ONErpm supports the following currencies: US$, Euro, Yen, Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, and British Pound. And we support the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Variable Pricing and Free Downloads

Choose among several different price tiers to sell your music online. Change your pricing anytime. Give away your music for free in exchange for an email address.

Name your price downloads

Let fans choose their own price when they buy music.


Albums are available for pre-order prior to their release date.

Album only sales

Block individual tracks from being sold.

Territorial Restrictions

Block music from being sold in certain territories

Grow your email list

Give your music away in exchange for an email address.

Multiple sharing options

Share on Facebook and Twitter. User comments share your music on Facebook.

Metadata integration

In the event that you upload unnamed files, like track1.wav, we make sure all your tracks and album info get synced correctly with the tracks and album art you upload. That way your fans aren’t left with having to organize and name your tracks.

Non-exclusive. Keep 100% of your rights

When you sign up with ONErpm, you maintain 100% ownership of your content, and control how your music is presented and distributed.

For the fans

CD quality files and multiple download formats

Give your fans high quality downloads when they buy your music.

Persistent Media Player

Listen and share music while browsing; the player won't stop until you tell it to.

Backup of all your music purchases

If you ever lose a track, you can download it again for free.

Create playlists and share them with your friends

Simply add tracks to the player and click save playlist.

Got questions?

Send us an email at support@onerpm.com

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